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Winged Messenger by richmel1
Winged Messenger
Scene is made for the contest of Dazaholics "Winged Messenger"
made in daz3d, renderd in 3dlight  and a bit of Photoshop... hope you like it.
The Planing by richmel1
The Planing

when i submittet the scene The Announcement, there where 2 deviants ( BrutalityInc  and  SomeRandomMinionatured By Owner ) that made this story for it, I like it so I made the next scene.

Goblin Leader:
"No food and alliance is worth its weight in gold compare to that we will have once we plunder the wealth they had mined and hoarded for themselves!"

 [Amidst the mutterings between the goblins at this announcement, several high-ranking goblins, not known for their high opinions of their leader, discuss in hushed tones]

 Head Goblin 1: "That fool shall be the end of us! It took three generations of peace for the bad blood between us and the Dwarves of that hold to get this far, and this upstart rabble-rousing nimrod is going to undo it all in three days time! "

 Head Goblin 2: "Why the other snobs elect him as our new clan chieftain three months ago, I'll never know!"

Head Goblin 3: "The dwarves never forgive or forget betrayals; when that back-stab fails, and it will under that idiot, their whole army and their allies are going to stomp us all to the underworld!"

 Head Goblin 1: "Not if we do something about it ..."


Geplakt uit <…>

 Head Goblin 2: "But how are we going to...remove the idiot without causing a riot? He's too popular to just depose."


Head Goblin 3: "...Well, who says WE have to take the blame? We COULD just make it look like an accident--"


Head Goblin 1: "--or, like an enemy of the DWARVES did it; saving the peace AND quieting any of the rabble who'll still support his insane plans all in one swoop! Bloody brilliant!"


Head Goblin 2: "I have a contact in a Human Assassins' Guild. She's expensive, but she'll help. She owes me a favor...."


Geplakt uit <…>


The Announcement by richmel1
The Announcement
Scene made in DAZ3D, "all" caracters are made by myself incl the one s on the paintings at the wall :D (Big Grin) and the old goblin with the scull candel, ( he is comming back in my next work :D (Big Grin)  ) they are all based on Predartons Goblin. zoom in to see the details...
post work was done in photoshop.
Lion Queen by richmel1
Lion Queen
scene made in DAZ3D renderd in 3dlight postwork in photoshop and perfect effects.
Lion Attack by richmel1
Lion Attack
scene made in DAZ3D renderd in 3dlight, post work in photoshop and perfect effects


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